Etiopathy - What is it?

What is it?

An ethiopathist is considered to be the "mechanic of the human body". He is a modern day healer who combines general medicine and personalised care in order to address the needs and emergency of the patient. He treats with his hands, in a precise and painless way.

"From an analogical point of view, it is similar to an indicator light flashing on a car's dashboard. The symptomatic treatment (tablets) would be to unscrew the bulb. The indicator light would disappear but the cause of the problem would remain. The ethiopathist follows the wire from the bulb until he finds out WHY the indicator is on. Once he has identified the source of the problem, he can treat it. The indicator light will then disappear, along with the problem which caused it to light up".

A precise diagnosis

The human body is a very complex system. However, it can "break down". Etiopathy carries out a careful and logical analysis in order to detect the ORIGIN of the "break down". In other words, etiopathy looks for the hidden cause of the 'break down', rather than mistakenly treating only the perceived symptoms. This type of analysis takes into account the affected human body as a whole structure and consequently promotes a different approach from standard medical diagnosis. After he has identified the origins of the patient's pain, an Etiopathist carries out specifically adapted manual manipulation, which will allow the patient to recover.